A Guide on How to Sell 您r House For Sale By Owner (FSBO) in 3 Months for Almost Nothing


Selling 您r house ‘for sale by 所有者’ (FSBO) 能够 be done these days, don’t let real estate agents or the media fool 您. In fact, if 您 know what 您’re doing and are disciplined, 您 能够 sell 您r house quicker by 您rself than through an agent. It takes discipline, a little marketing know-how, and some guts, but the rewards 能够 be high.

By now 您’大概在想‘丧失抵押品赎回权的行为猖,,房价下跌,经济萧条,我的邻居已经把房子卖了两年。 ’ All that might be true, but our society is mobile, people want homes. I sold my house 拥有者出售 (FSBO), twice, in late 2007, in Michigan (highest unemployment rate in the country), in just 3 months. I’ve现在也买了两次,在此过程中,他们非常清楚地观察了100多个房屋。

拥有者出售 guideSold twice? Well, the first guy got cold feet before signing the papers. Selling 您r own house 能够 be very rewarding, exciting, and loads of fun. It is hard work, but probably not as hard as 您 think. Besides, 您 get to keep the commission, show 您r house only when 您 want, and not have to deal with shady realtors who are looking for their own best interests. The bottom line is that nobody 知道your house as well as 您 do and 您 能够 capitalize on that. Here is how to sell 您r house in 3 months or less ‘for sale by 所有者’ (FSBO).

Before 您 Buy 您r 首页

  • 买合适的房子 – Selling 您r house starts with buying the right house. Things like location, neighbors, access to shopping and highways, school reputation, taxes, and curb appeal are essential. Just as 您 should look for these when buying, 您r 潜在买家 is going to be looking for as well.


  • 清理– Get everything off of 您r floor and put away nicely in storage. Get rid of stuff 您 don’不需要(将其捐赠给商誉或救世军)。买家中的存储量很大’s eyes. If 您 have stuff laying around, the buyer thinks they would as well, and they won’t buy 您r house.
  • 遏制上诉– To get people into 您r open house or to even grab 您r flyer 您r house has to grab people’s eyes. How do 您 do this? Make sure 您r grass is always green, full, and freshly cut. Also, trim up overgrown greenery, and add vegetation that looks good year-round – ornamental grasses, evergreens, ferns. Paint 您r house if it needs it.


  • 油漆内部–没有什么比墙壁上肮脏或过时的油漆大的关门了。购买几加仑温暖,饱食,现代的油漆色,并花费一个周末进行更新。
  • Update hardware and light fixtures. This is a cheap way to make 您r house look more updated than it really is.
  • Let 您r hardwood shine. If 您 have dingy carpet covering 您r hardwood, get rid of it. The hardwood increases the value of 您r home and gives it character.

Now that 您r house looks great, it’s time to market it.


  • 拍好照片– This is a very important step. Make sure that 您r outdoor pictures are taken on a sunny day, without clouds, with the sun to 您r back. Indoor pictures should be taken with a flash during the evening to add brightness and richness.
  • Build a website for 您r house – This is free (use blogger.com or wordpress.com), and very easy. Your website should include exterior and interior pictures, 您r address, 您r asking price, 您r contact phone and email and a list of the following information: bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, age, updates, features, location benefits, link to a map, utility and tax information, and any other fun features that set 您 apart from the competition. Add Google Analytics to track where 您r traffic is coming from.
  • 打印传单并放在外面的试管中– Sounds old fashioned, but I was going through about 20 a day, including one to my eventual buyer. Your neighbors love where they live, let them grab flyers and do 您r selling for 您. Include the lions share of the information 和color photos that are on 您r website. Also, include 您r website so people 能够 see more photos (direct links as showing in Google Analytics are those who grabbed 您r flyer).
  • 在Craigslist.com上投放广告(免费)– Delete and repost 您r ad every 48 hours. Link 您r ad to 您r website. This brought in about 25 site visits per day.

Week 4: Show 您r House

  • Get 您r house appraised – Make sure 您 do 您r research and give the appraiser favorable comparables. This will give 您 bargaining power later on.
  • 有一个开放的房子– Call everyone who has expressed interest so far to invite them. Have open houses every two weeks. Not only does this get more people in the doors, but it keeps the pressure on those who are interested. Make sure the house is as clean as 能够 be, bake some chocolate chip cookies, and throw on some classy music for atmosphere. Give everyone a flyer and seller’s disclosure.


Continue doing everything 您’ve already done on a consistent basis, and brush up on 您r negotiation strategy when the offers start rolling in. Good luck!


For more on selling 拥有者出售, 您 may want to check out:


Would 您 try selling FSBO? If not, what are 您r fears?



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